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Service Price
Simple Website £200 or £25/month*
Complex Website £400 or £40/month*
Ecommerce Website - 100 products £500 or £50/month*
    -- Up to 50 additional products £50 or £5/month*
HTML Email/Newsletter £100
Website Back-up £25
Content Updates £50 - £100 or £5 - £10/month*
Mobile Optimisation (Existing website) £100 or £15/month*
Search Engine Optimisation (Existing website) £400 or £40/month*
Website Maintenance £20/month
Website Hosting £10/month

*Starred monthly prices are for a period of 12 months, and cover development and hosting costs during this period. Web development packages paid for over 12 months cannot be hosted elsewhere. After the 12 month period, clients can continue hosting with MBB Web Services for the standard cost of £10 a month, or are free to host their website elsewhere.